Vapor Sphere Regular Gray

FREE SHIPPING SPECIAL ENDING SOON: BUY 2 or more Vapor Sphere and get FREE SHIPPING. The Vapor Sphere Alcohol Vaporizer Kit includes all that is need to start vaporizing your favorite hard liquor with an alcohol content of 80-100 proof. All you need is your favorite spirit and way to light the included 12 hour liquid candle (Matches / Lighter). The Vapor Sphere comes in a nice gift box with color pictures and a description of the box contents, and is protected with a fitted Styrofoam holder that protects the Vapor Sphere from breaking or making noise when shaken. Box includes 1 Vapor Sphere Hand Blown Glass Heat Resistant Cup, 1 Hand Blown Glass Sphere, 1 Stainless Steel Straw, 1 Stainless Steel Funnel, 1 Twelve Hour Disposable Liquid Candle, And How To Use Instructions In English. Watch the video below to see the items that are included with "The Vapor Sphere Kit".  

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