What is The Vapor Sphere?


We created the
Vapor Sphere, because there was nothing on the market that allowed people to vaporize alcohol that was affordable and easy to use. The simple yet elegant design of theVapor Sphere allows you to vaporize your favorite hard liquor, in just about any social situation where people get together to enjoy a drink.



The Benefits of Vaporizing/Smoking Alcohol


Vapor Sphere allows you to enjoy your favorite hard liquor without the impurities, the calories, or high blood sugar spikes that normally come with drinking alcohol. As an added bonus, when vaporizing alcohol with this product, the alcohol leaves most people’s system within 15 to 30 minutes after you inhale your last vapor hit of alcohol. This makes it safe to drive much faster than when you drink alcohol. When you vaporize alcohol there’s no hangover the next day. You wake up fresh and ready to face the day ahead of you.



What Comes With The Vapor Sphere?

The Vapor Sphere comes with everything needed to get started vaporizing any hard alcohol that is sold for drinking. Also known as Smoking Alcohol. All you will need is something to light the candle with (Lighter/Matches), and your favorite hard liquor that is 80-100 proof.

To see a detailed breakdown of what comes with theVapor Sphere, watch this video.




How To Use The Vapor Sphere

It only takes about 45 seconds to light the candle and add alcohol to your sphere.

​We put this video together to give you detailed instructions that show you the best way to use the Vapor Sphere. "The Personal Alcohol Vaporizer Kit".



Each Vapor is Handmade

Because of the special and unique heat resistant glass used to make the Vapor Sphere, you can hold the Vapor Sphere in your hand without feeling the heat from the candle that is used to vaporize the alcohol.

We have set very high standards for the glass manufacturer that we chose to use too make this product. Each Vapor Sphere is made by hand and decorated by skilled glass blowers. Watch this video that shows how each Vapor Sphere is made. This Video Is Sped Up To 4 x The Actual Speed.



Benefits And Risk Of Vaporizing Alcohol

When considering vaporizing / smoking alcohol, we need to ask our self what are the benefits and risks related to inhaling alcohol vapors, compared to the risks and benefits of drinking alcohol. Alcohol is a potentially dangerous addictive drug, especially if used in excess.

Alcohol has never been considered healthy or good for you, and we are sure that it never will. We don’t want to mislead you into believing that vaporizing alcohol instead of drinking alcohol, somehow makes alcohol healthy for you to consume. 
To learn more, watch this video about the "Benefits and Risk of Vaporizing Alcohol"


Ignition Interlock System Test

See how to beat the Ignition Interlock system after getting a good comfortable alcohol buzz, due to the fact that you sober up real fast when vaporizing alcohol. You can drive after a long night of enjoying a good comfortable alcohol buzz with an Ignition Interlock system installed on your car when you vaporize / smoke your alcohol instead of drinking it. After a 15-30 minute waiting period most people will blow a .00 and be able to start their car and drive sober. When you vaporize alcohol instead of drinking it, you sober up super-fast. 

​Watch this video to see the test we did with the Intoxalock system and see how well this works.